Welcome, Gift and Joanna!

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INFEMIT extends a warm welcome to Joanna Feliciano-Soberano (Philippines) and Gift Kanthamanee Ladaphongphatthana (Thailand), who have both agreed to join us in the process of forming an INFEMIT team in Asia.

In the various regions of the world, INFEMIT provides support and fellowship in different ways – sometimes through existing organizations and at other times by helping facilitate the growth of new networks. As we discern the best steps forward for INFEMIT in the widely diverse Asian context, Gift and Joanna have agreed to get involved in our Networking Team and lend their wisdom and experience to this process.



Joanna Feliciano-Soberano is the Academic Dean at Asian Theological Seminary. She holds a PHD from Trinity in Chicago. She is a well-loved teacher, an author, and a wonderful administrator. She is part of an international network of educators interested in transformational education.



Gift Ladaphongphatthana has an MSc in International Development from the University of Birmingham and has worked as a Development Coordinator supporting ministries for local churches in Thailand. She is currently finishing her PhD, after which she will teach Religion and Development in Bangkok, Thailand.

We are extremely grateful for the leadership that these two women provide as theologian-practitioners in their contexts and for the rich perspectives and energy they bring to the INFEMIT team!