This year at INFEMIT

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The INFEMIT team is excited to share our plans for 2015 with you! We ask for your prayers and hope for your active participation in the events and new developments.

The 2015 Stott-Bediako Forum: July 6-8 – Amman, Jordan
The joint OCMS-INFEMIT flagship event builds on the momentum from Korea by engaging with one of the most important challenges of Christian mission today: religious extremism. Speakers and participants will discuss biblical responses to concrete expressions of extremism that are both opposed to and purportedly in support of Christianity. Please plan to join us in Amman for this exciting time of global Christian learning and fellowship. Continue to check for new information regarding Forum schedule and speakers.

Consultation on theological education for the peace of the city: October 6-8 – New York City, USA
INFEMIT, CETI (Center for Interdisciplinary Theological Studies) and City Seminary of New York partner to explore next steps for the creation of Master’s level theological education dedicated to transformational engagement. Pray for a fruitful time for representatives from all entities as we seek to bring our individual strengths together to further the work of the church through equipping global and holistic mission workers for service in God’s kingdom.

Faith and Life
This certificate level curriculum with long trajectory in Latin America continues to deliver theological grounding for lay Christians and church leaders in the areas of family, work, church, and society. New versions are being created and implemented in different regions of the world. If you are interested in facilitating or adapting the Faith and Life curriculum in your context, please contact to get connected to INFEMIT team members in your geographic region.

INFEMIT members around the world continue to publish journal articles, book chapters and books. In conjunction with OCMS, INFEMIT produces the “Regnum Resources for Mission” series, which provides helpful material for mission practitioners, in both foundational and practical topics. Check out Regnum books on