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The 2017 Stott-Bediako Forum was held at the Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission, and Culture in Akropong-Akuapem, Ghana between June 28th and 30th, 2017.

This forum explored the causes, experiences, and responses surrounding the “Refugee Crisis” in Africa. Building upon reflections from the 2016 Forum, which focused on the refugee crisis as a shared human condition and which brought in deep biblical and theological insights, we sought to deepen our engagement with contextual and historical analyses, thematic explorations, and case studies specific to the African community. These analyses cast light on global realities, revealing implications for all Christ-followers and adding further to our theological explorations and commitments.


Resources and Outcomes

Stott-Bediako Forum 2017 Press Release

Stott-Bediako Forum 2017 Program

Some forum papers and audio recordings will be made available over the coming weeks (September-October, 2017). Please continue to visit our website or subscribe to our newsletter to access those resources as they come out.


The annual Stott-Bediako Forum held by the International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation (INFEMIT), bears the names of John Stott and Kwame Bediako, two historical theologians who shared a vision for theological expressions rooted in and emerging from diverse contexts around the globe. They sought to bridge traditional divides, such as those between “Majority” and “Minority” worlds, men and women, academia and practitioners. This year, in its sixth iteration, we celebrate that the Stott-Bediako Forum could finally take place in the homeland of Kwame Bediako in Ghana where it was hosted by the Akrofi-Christaller Institute for Theology, Mission and Culture… (Continue reading)

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