The Stott-Bediako forum is an annual gathering of scholars and practitioners who are committed to address the realities of the contemporary world in light of the message of the Gospel. As its name suggests, the ethos of the forum follows in the footprints of John W.R. Stott and Kwame Bediako – Christian leaders who have had a lasting impact on generations of Christian believers worldwide, particularly as they emphasized and insisted on proclaiming and living out the whole Gospel. Both Stott and Bediako promoted a holistic understanding of mission and the importance of constructive engagements of Christianity and culture – preoccupations that are at the very heart of INFMEMIT and OCMS, the conveners of this forum.


The 2018 Stott-Bediako Forum will take place in Asia, coinciding with the Micah Global Triennial gathering. We will be discussing Reconciliation, Conflict, and Peacemaking.

Date: September, 2018

Further Information: To be determined

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