One Body? The Evangelical Covenant Church on Peace in Palestine

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Munther Christ at the Checkpoint 2016

“In spite of our different views, we commit ourselves to listen to one another, to learn from and respectfully challenge the narrative of the other, to critically evaluate our own narrative and to work towards an inclusive, bridging narrative.” — the Larnaca Statement, January 2016 (an agreement reached between Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews to honor and engage with one another positively despite vast differences in their theologies and narratives).

Check out the full article featuring Munther Isaac (above), INFEMIT Networking Team member in Palestine, and other Palestinian Christians working for peace and reconciliation in the region.

“One Body?” posted by the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Stan Friedman | June 23, 2016


The International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation (INFEMIT) supports and connects regional communities of Christians seeking transformational engagement in all parts of the world.

It is exciting to see the relationship between two important regional bodies in this article: the Evangelical Covenant Church in North America and the Arab Evangelical Forum in the Middle East. We are grateful for the involvement of INFEMIT members: Munther Isaac, Vice Academic Dean at Bethlehem Bible College and Director of the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference; and Al Tizon, Executive Minister of Serve Globally, the international ministries of the Evangelical Covenant Church.