Making Room for New Leadership

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Over the past 4 years, INFEMIT has been blessed with an incredible and diverse Networking Team.  Each person on this team has helped INFEMIT re-launch, but perhaps none more than Bambang Budijanto.  Dr. Budijanto put much time and energy into getting INFEMIT off the ground, hosting the Networking Team in Colorado Springs and coordinating much of the Now & Next conference in Nairobi, Kenya in March 2011.  It is a bittersweet moment in which Dr. Budijanto has stepped down from the Networking Team, in order to make room for other leaders from Asia.  He continues to support INFEMIT Asia; and the Networking Team is counting on his wisdom and counsel in the coming years.  Ruth Padilla DeBorst expressed great praise for Dr. Budijanto’s faithfulness to INFEMIT.


Stepping into his vacancy is Menchit Wong.  Dr. Wong is from the Philippines, where she serves as Compassion International’s Director of Child Advocacy.  She also serves in leadership of global movements for children such as the 4/14 Window Global Movement, the Global Children’s Forum and the Lausanne Movement, as the Senior Associate for Children at Risk.  She is passionate about mentoring young leaders who are child advocates.  Networking Team members Corneliu Constantineanu and Paul Joshua both expressed praise for her work, which they have witnessed in various settings.  The Networking Team is very pleased that Dr. Wong will be joining the team.


In 2013, INFEMIT was also pleased to welcome Munther Isaac to the Networking Team.  Munther is a professor and Vice Academic Dean at Bethlehem Bible College and the director of the Christ at the Checkpoint Conference.  He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, doing research on biblical theology of the Promises Land. Munther’s addition thrilled the Networking Team.  The team has long desired a Middle Eastern representative, and Munther is exactly the sort of young, committed theologian-practitioner that they were seeking.


INFEMIT looks forward to this year and to the ways in which the fellowship will grow both regionally and globally and continue pursuing its mission, promoting transformation.