INFEMIT has no organized fellowship in North America, but partners with other organizations dedicated to mission as transformation in the North American context.

American Society of Missiology: “The American Society of Missiology is an inclusive and diverse professional association made up of members from Independent (Evangelical, Pentecostal, etc.), Conciliar, and Roman Catholic communions of the Christian church. This unique make up of our membership provides a dynamic and lively exchange of ideas, issues, and scholarship focused on the church’s call to participate in God’s mission to the world.”

Missio Alliance: “We aim to bring pastors, practitioner-theologians, leaders, and missiologists together from across the spectrum of the North American Church to work for a Kingdom-driven, gospel-centered, biblically grounded theology and ecclesial practice for God’s Mission in North America. We seek to provide a place for theological dialogue, training, and the creation of resources to navigate present and future missional challenges.”


Al Tizon