Stott-Bediako 2016

Press Release

An Old Testament Perspective: Chris Wright (audio recording click here)

Rethinking the Church in the Context of Refugees and Migrants: Sheryl Haw

The ongoing Refugee Crisis and the Church Responses: Mathew Jock Moses

Refugee Asylum: Deuteronomy’s “Disobedient” Law: Myrto Theocharous

A Critical Reflection on our Responses to the Syrian Crisis: Attitudes, Labels, and a Parable: Nadia Khouri Accad

Spirituality and the Resilience of Refugee Children: Maria Alejandra Andrade (audio recording click here)

A New Testament Perspective: Samuel Escobar (audio recording click here)

Refugee Theology: Rolf Zwick

Reflections on Ruth from the church in a divided South African city: Caroline Powell (audio recording click here)

Latin America Case Studies: Fabio Salguero

Europe Case Studies: Rolf Zwick

World Evangelical Alliance Paris Climate Agreement Press Release: December 2015

Covenant World Mission Newsletter: December, 2015

Report: November, 2015 Theological Formation for the Peace of the City, A Working Consultation

Report: October, 2015 Updates of Events INFEMIT Asia

FTL/Memoria Indígena Report: September, 2015 ¿Quién hace la historia?: Espiritualidad e identidad indígena de la misión.

Stott-Bediako 2015

Report: July, 2015 Stott-Bediako Forum, Christian Responses to Religious Extremism

Paper: Ton Alcantara

Paper: Salim Munayer

Paper: Maqsood Kamil

Newsletter: March, 2015 The Cult of Family by Al Tizon

Newsletter: December, 2014 Pax Romana and Pax Christi by Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Stott-Bediako 2014

Report: December, 2014 Stott-Bediako Forum, New Horizons in Missions Studies

Paper: Melba Maggay

Paper: Al Tizon

Paper: Joshua HK Banda

Paper: Dan Brewster

Paper: Theodore Agbemenu

CCDA September, 2014: Paper by Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Press Release: March, 2011

Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace, 2010: (FTL Website) Paper by Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Statement of Lament for Evangelicals and the Legacy of Apartheid, 2010: (FTL Website) Lausanne Congress 2010 in Cape Town


INFEMIT Related Articles

What is Integral Mission? by Rene Padilla

Seeking Welfare, Securing Witness: Christian Engagement in the Public Sphere by Paul Joshua

Challenging the Empire: Theology of Justice in Palestine by Munther Isaac