Corneliu Constantineanu: Hospitality – A Christian Imperative in Relation to Refugees (Stott-Bediako 2017)

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From the 2017 Stott-Bediako Forum on The Refugee Crisis: A Shared Human Condition – African Context.

This and other presentations from the forum will be featured on the INFEMIT website during the months of September and October, 2017.

*We apologize for any breaks or mic feedback in the audio file.

Rev. Dr. Corneliu Constantineanu is a University Professor of Theology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad, Romania. He is a member of the INFEMIT Networking Team and a Langham Scholar. After an engineering degree with a specialization in biotechnologies, Corneliu continued with theological studies obtaining his bachelor and masters in theology at Evanđeoski teološki fakultet in Osijek, Croatia and then completed his doctoral studies in theology at the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies and the University of Leeds, UK, with an interdisciplinary research in Pauline and contextual theology about the social dimension of reconciliation.  He is the former President of the Theological Pentecostal Institute in Bucharest, Romania and the former Academic Dean of Evanđeoski teološki fakultet in Osijek, Croatia where he taught for more than 16 years. In addition to his specialization and publications in the areas of Pauline theology and reconciliation, Corneliu has a special interest in pursuing a holistic understanding of the gospel as public truth, thus trying to integrate Christian faith with cultural, social and political realities of everyday life. His publications include: The Power of the Gospel. A Plea for the Word of God (2013). First, the Kingdom of God. A Festschrift in honour of Prof. Dr. Peter Kuzmič (Miroslav Volf, Corneliu Constantineanu, Marcel V. Macelaru, Kresimir Simic, editors; 2011); The Social Significance of Reconciliation in Paul’s Theology. Narrative Readings in Romans (London/New York: T&T Clark Continuum, 2010); Encountering the Other: Studies in Reconciliation (2009). Corneliu is married to Ioana and they have two daughters, Anamaria and Carmen.

About the Event

The annual Stott-Bediako Forum held by the International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation (INFEMIT), bears the names of John Stott and Kwame Bediako, two historical theologians who shared a vision for theological expressions rooted in and emerging from diverse contexts around the globe. They sought to bridge traditional divides, such as those between “Majority” and “Minority” worlds, men and women, academia and practitioners. This year, in its sixth iteration, we celebrate that the Stott-Bediako Forum could finally take place in the homeland of Kwame Bediako in Ghana where it was hosted by the Akrofi-Christaller Institute for Theology, Mission and Culture.

This year’s forum built upon reflections from the previous year and carried forward the theme: The Refugee Crisis: A Shared Human Condition. With a specific focus on The African Context, this forum sought to deepen our understanding of migration movements in our world today, especially across the continent of Africa, and explore a holistic theological vision for our response… Click here to read more.

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