Mission Statement

Called and equipped by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we are a Gospel-centered fellowship of mission theologian-practitioners that serves local churches and other Christian communities so we together embody the Kingdom of God through transformational engagement, both locally and globally

Since we are called and equipped by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit…

  •  We recognize ourselves as partners in the Mission of the Triune God
  • We rest, not on our strength or strategy but on the guidance and power of God
  • We seek to live out our identity as image bearers of the Community of Love

As a Gospel-centered fellowship of men and women we seek to live out

  • Biblical faithfulness to the Good News of Christ
  • Authentic relationships of trust, respect, humility and vulnerability
  • Mutual submission and accountability
  • The unity of the body of Christ, transcending traditions, nationalities, denominations and institutional structures

As Spirit-led mission theologian-practitioners we engage in and promote…

  • Holistic contextual theologizing
  • Integral mission practice that informs our reflection and vice-versa
  • The integration of word, deed and sign –proclamation, compassion, justice and the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Interdisciplinary research in the service of mission at Oxford Centre for Mission Studies and other centres
  • A journey of radical spirituality and discipleship
  • A theology of public engagement

As we serve local Christian communities so we together embody the Kingdom of God through transformational engagement we…

  • Equip and accompany the younger generations as agents of God’s mission
  • Encourage local Christian communities to grow in our God-given identity and mission
  • Challenge the people of God to see the realities of their context, particularly the plight and potential of the poor and marginalized, and to be moved to respond in Christ-like fashion
  • Resource and equip Christian communities through prayer, publications, conferences, etc.

As the church engages in mission, both locally and globally, we…

  • Foster inter-contextual theological reflection and action, in which the local and the global mutually inform each other
  • Reflect on and reformulate concepts such as ‘mission’, ‘missionary’, ‘mission field’, ‘holistic mission’
  • Call the church in the majority world to live out its responsibility as a mature member of the body of Christ
  • Question bi-polar categories such as Western/non-Western, First/Third world, North/South, ‘developed/underdeveloped’, etc, in light of immigration and other forces related to globalization, and of the shift in global Christianity
  • Imagine, nourish and embody authentic and relevant Christian communities
  • Challenge social constructs such as nation-state, race, etc, in light of God’s justice and our primary identity as citizens of God’s Kingdom

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