2014 Stott-Bediako Forum

John Stott and Kwame Bediako were both scholars crucial to the development of mission theologies in the Global South.  To remember the contributions of these great men and inspire others to follow the paths they walked, INFEMIT partners with the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies each year to present the Stott-Bediako Forum on the Gospel and World Today.  Theologian-practitioners representing each of INFEMIT’s regional fellowships share their work and respond to their sisters and brothers in dialogue about continuing the mission of God in the world.

The 2014 Annual Stott-Bediako Forum on the Gospel and World Today will be held October 15-17, 2014 in Anyang City and Seoul, South Korea.  This year’s theme will be “New Horizons in Mission Studies II” continuing the conversation from last year’s forum.  Featured speakers include Dr. Melba Maggay, Bishop Joshua Banda, and Dr. Al Tizon.

Wednesday, 15th
Anyang First Presbyterian Church

16:00 Registration
17:00 Welcome Dinner: Sung-Wook Hong (host)

19:00 Worship (with the Congregation)

Thursday, 16th
Torch Trinity Graduate University, Seoul

7:30-8:30 Travel to Seoul
9:00 Greetings: TTGU leader
9:30 1st Keynote Address: Melba Maggay – Room #304
10:30 Break
11:00 Reflection: Maqsood Kameel & a TTGU member
12:00 Lunch
13:30 2nd Keynote Address: Joshua Banda – Faith Hall
14.30 Tea break
15:00 Reflection: Menchit Wong and Dan Brewster
16.00 Chapel
18.00 Dinner
Travel to Anyang City

Friday, 17th
Anyang First Presbyterian Church

9.00 Prayer
9.30 3rd Keynote Address: Al Tizon

10.30 Tea break
11.00 Reflections (TBA)
12.00 Q & A, Conference conclusion
13:40 Lunch

Saturday, 18th
Anyang First Presbyterian Church

INFEMIT Asia Meeting

Those interested in learning more about attending the 2014 Stott-Bediako Forum can email chris@infemit.org for more information.